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O-I-See Family Strategies

O-I-See Family Strategies is a non-profit organization created with the intent to assist youth and families with educational and support needs.  OISFS is a publicly funded organization that contracts with licensed professionals to assist families and youth with special education plans, guidance, various therapies, mentoring, tutoring, and sometimes grants.  Many families are not able to afford educational and guidance services due to lack of finances, insurance, and/or eligibility of other government programs.  Our world is often driven by what insurance will cover first, or any type of care being too expensive.  It is OISFS' goal to provide a high level of support, while looking at the individual family/youth needs, with money as the 2nd priority for families that are economically challenged.  OISFS' funding is meant to be temporary, a simple boost, to help families/youth get to the next healthy level.  Feel free to reach out to the OISFS board, at oiseefs@gmail.com, for more information, details, or how to become more involved in this great cause!