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Conner Nilssen ~ General Assistant

Conner is a high school student, growing up in a small town, who has a passion for doing the best he can and for sports.  He spends his fall and spring days going to school, plays football in the fall, and enjoys the sport of basketball pretty much year round. 

Conner loves spending most of his free time helping family, spending time with friends, or being outside.  Throughout the year, he also enjoys going fishing, white tail hunting, and like most teenagers, enjoys playing video games.  Conner also volunteers, both with his family and without, for various church programs, human service projects, and community events. 

Conner thinks that no matter in any situation, a child should be able to strive in anything while having the necessities to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  We are glad to have him part of our team that strives to help, one child at a time, have the tools to be successful.

Conner's Motto: "It's not whether you get knocked down, but whether you get back up." -Vince Lombardi