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Guidance Services 

OISYS' Guidance strives to achieve social and emotional success for youth, and young adults (up to age 20), within all aspects of life while exercising forward thinking and goal setting skills.  This is done through teaching/guiding life skills, organizational skills, positive communication skills, and self esteem building.  The primary focus is to create a safe place for clients to explore their unique attributes in order to build self confidence for individual success. Education is viewed as a full time job for each individual youth, and young adults are guided to strengthen work and daily living skills. The end result- exceptional empowerment for youth/young adults to thrive while giving their unique gifts to the world.

The focus of OISYS Guidance considers the ASCA model of personal/social/career primarily, while addressing the academic domain second.

    "I could not be more happy with the professionals at O-I-See Youth Strategies. They really think outside the box. My son had a garden and really enjoys being out there during the summer.  The O-I-See professional worked with him in his garden to see if it would help with him opening up verbally and it worked! I am so impressed with O-I-See Youth's passion to be outside the box!" Hudson, WI Parent of 7th, 5th, and 3rd Grade Youth