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O-I-See Youth Guidance

O-I-See Youth's approach to guidance is designed to help with current questions that are common, but sometimes difficult to sort outside our homes and educational systems.  We like to focus on individual strengths while working collaboratively with parents for the common goal.  The concept is as simple as you being the driver, but we are the voice on the GPS informing you of different directions/options that are available for the desired destination. 

OISYS Guidance is provided either at our office located at 901 4th Street, Hudson WI, at a public location (coffee shop or local public library), or in a family home within a 15 mile radius of our office location.  

OISYS Educator and (or) Parent Guidance is provided either at our office location, at a public location, or over the phone.  We offer a free 30 minute consultation and (or) up to 3 emails free of service to determine needs, options available, or simple advice for going forward successfully.


    "I could not be more happy with the professionals at O-I-See Youth Strategies. They really think outside the box. My son had a garden and really enjoys being out there during the summer.  The O-I-See professional worked with him in his garden to see if it would help with him opening up verbally and it worked! I am so impressed with O-I-See Youth's passion to be outside the box!" Hudson, WI Parent of 7th, 5th, and 3rd Grade Youth