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www.starfall.com: (pre-k to 6th grade, reading, math, learning shapes, telling time, no advertisements) Reading activities span from learning the ABC's, phonics, and finally reading by oneself.  The website uses engaging images and sounds to promote the retention of information, and it provides appealing story books to entice young readers to practice their skills (these story varieties include fables, fairy tales, and mythological stories, which not only advances a reader's ability, but acts as a simplified history lesson in some classics).  The website also offers activities in math, including learning numbers, telling time, learning shapes, practicing addition and subtraction, and learning multiplication and division.

www.arcademics.com: (all ages, multiplayer, educational video games, math, language arts, vocabulary, thinking skills, no advertisements) Arcademics.com wrap learning and practicing math, language arts, and other educational games in a fun game package.  This can function as a multi-player venue.

www.funenglishgames.com: FunEnglishGames.com is a great resource for learning English.  The website includes games, activities, printable worksheets, quizzes, videos, and fun activities (such as tongue twisters and riddles) to explore in order to aid a teacher or parent in the process of teaching students to read.  This website is even helpful for ESL (English as a second language) student use.

www.abcya.com: This website is filled with educational, fun computer games to help elementary aged students, grades K-5, learn while having fun.  The games on this website have been approved by certified teachers and are award winning, appearing on several venues including Fox News.  ABCYA is free to use and does not include advertisements or banners that many other free online educational websites include.

www.mathplayground.com: Math Playground exhibits math games to help learners throughout their entire primary education.  Grades K-8 curriculum-based math problems are available, as well as algebra 1 and 2, geometry, and precalculus.  The games on this website are meant "give your brain a workout" while being fun.

www.artofproblemsolving.com: The Art of Problem Solving website functions as a place for additional practice in math, especially for those individuals who excel in mathematic courses.  The website offers classes for outstanding math and computer science students and training for national and international math and chemistry contests.

www.cliffnotes.com: Cliff Notes is a website primarily for literary help, whether that be reminiscent of "Sparknotes" or test prep help.  The website offers engaging topics that most students will encounter, such as Shakespeare, which explores Shakespeare's life and notes on his major works.  ACT, GRE, PRAXIS, and other test prep is also available here.

www.algebrahelp.com: Algebrahelp.com is a resource for individuals who either need to learn or practice algebra.  The website offers lessons, worksheets, and equation calculators to aid students in their algebraic endeavors.

www.mathpickle.com: MathPickle.com showcases videos about math in nontraditional settings, such as how math and beauty are related.  This website provides games that are "hard fun", curricular puzzle books, and support videos for elementary and high school aged mathematics.

www.hoodamath.com: (all ages, math) Hoodamath.com is filled with games that teach while they entertain!  Some of the games include an escape theme (where a player is trapped in a location and must use problem solving to get out), and other games include jigsaw puzzles, Grammar Ninja, Subtraction Island Chase, and many more.

www.khanacademy.org: Free online academy that teaches individuals what they want to learn at their own pace.  There are no subscriptions, and the organization is not-for-profit, believing that everyone should have a world class education, no matter who they are or where they are.  Math, science, computer programming, art, economics, history, and much more is available on this website with over 100,000 activities.

www.educationworld.com: This website is a link into the education world, with news, blogs, and articles available to view.  Lesson plans, professor development, and technological teaching information can be found at this website.  Furthermore, is primarily to aid educators in their goals of advancing their young students while gaining more knowledge about their teaching world along the way.

http://patrickjmt.com: This website was created by a man, Patrick, who creates and posts tutorial videos about math.  this website includes hundreds of math tutorial videos that explain simple to advanced concepts in the fields of algebra, calculus, trigonometry, arithmetic, statistics, adn probability.  The creator of this website is an author of the book "Calculus for Dummies".

www.mathisfun.com: Math is Fun is all about teaching kids that math can be fun!  Games and practice concerning numbers, data, puzzles, and measurements are available for ages 1-8.  This website includes a section on times tables, where they can be printed, practiced, and quizzed on.

www.coolmath-games.com: Cool Math Games includes many games that gear towards education, especially mathematics.  Although many of the games on the website do not directly include solving equations or figuring out the sum of anything, they do work to help an individual develop problem solving skills and work their minds, keeping them from being idle.

www.freerice.com: (vocabulary builder) Freerice.com is a vocabulary builder which inquires about the definition of a word with multiple choices as answers.  If an individual answers the question correctly, they donate 10 grains of rice through the World Food Programme to help end hunger!  This website enables an individual to enlarge their vocabulary while also feeling good about it by donating while learning.

www.schooltimegames.com: This website offers games in the areas of social studies, language arts, logic, sports, science, and mathematics.  These games are designed to teach while being fun.  There are also arcade and puzzle games available.

www.funbrain.com: Funbrain.com is a resource for games including math arcade, reading, playground, and fun arcade games.  They are arranged by genre of game or else by skill level, represented by grade number.  Activity ideas and printable sheets are available on this website as well.

www.kidsreads.com: Kidsread.com includes book reviews on new and older books.  Essentially the website is a tool to utilize when looking for new material for a student to get involved with.  An Authors tab is available, where there is an alphabetical list of authors with a small bio for each.

www.pbs.org/parents: PBS parents is a website for parents to use as a reference and idea builder.  Some of the ideas on the website include fun games and activities about the kitchen, crafts, fitness ideas, charity ideas, smart shopping ideas, new games, birthday party ideas, and parenting tips.  This website also has a tab for education for parents to read.

www.scholastic.com/parents: Scholastic company is primarily a resource to find engaging books for children; however, this website does much more than that.  There are activities and printables for any age group and subjects, blogs, a shopping center, and book fair information.

www.timeforkids.com: This website is a spin-off of Time magazine geared towards children.  Educating children to be aware and a part of the world around them is a big focus of this website, which is exemplified by the articles available on the homepage.  There are homework helps, videos, photos, and kid reporter articles available on this site.