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Jonathan Schultz ~ General Manager

John joined the OISYS team June of 2015 and became the OISYS General Manager in June of 2017.  He brings his teaching experience and a Bachelor's Degree to the team's list of expertise.  After college, he spent two years working with Americorps to facilitate/provide volunteering, tutoring, and mentoring for youth in Western Wisconsin.  He learned from this experience that every challenge has a solution, and every obstacle is a growth opportunity.  

John has found that his hobbies and perspectives have allowed him to meet children and young adults where they are, and form a quick bond based on shared interests.  John is a great lover of board games, video games, as well as competitive card games.  He uses this knowledge and passion to interact with kids, and help them to find groups with similar interests.  John also enjoys most major sports, including but not limited to: football, soccer, baseball, and basketball.  John recognizes that sports are a great way to connect to the community in an active and positive group setting.

When he isn't out and about exploring his own corner of the world, John can usually be found listening to music from a multitude of genres.  John understands that music is a universal language.  Everyone can relate to music in some capacity, and generally they enjoy sharing their favorite music with others.  John finds that his eclectic musical preferences help him to create a quick connection with most of the kids that he works with.

John's Motto: "Every day, a little better." -JS