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K-2nd Grade Development

Below are some general development milestones to help understand a typical Kindergarten through 2nd Grade aged child. Remember every child is unique with his or her gifts, academic milestones, and artistic abilities. Though the below information is typical, every child develops at his or her own pace according to his or her strengths and challenges.

Kindergarten (Typically 5 to 6 Years of Age)

Academic: Understands concept of same shape and same size, Understands the concepts of smallest and shortest while placing objects in order from shortest to tallest.  Also placing objects from smallest to largest, recognizes and identifies coins while beginning to understand the concept of counting and saving money, Can identify right and left hands fairly consistently.

Personal/Social: Ask questions that include the why, what, where, when, and how of something, Imaginary playmates or companions are common, and child may share conversations and strong emotions with the imaginary friend, child may insist on doing things independently though this could cause extreme emotion is success is challenged.  Functions well with attention, affection, and praise, may show opposite extremes of behavior, has a short attention span.

Career: At this grade level, children are able to develop a positive, realistic self-image, learn to respect self and others, gain awareness of emotion, learns how to participate in groups, begins to learn from mistakes and achievements.

"The professionals at O-I-See Youth Strategies have an extremely patient and gentle spirit. I was looking for something more than just reading tutoring for my son over the summer months. His self-esteem and self-worth had been declining with his frustration in trying to "catch up" with his peers during the school year, and I could see the anxiety in him about starting Middle School in the fall. They create a "safe" atmosphere for him where he knows he can genuinely trust his feelings to be heard. The sessions have helped him gain confidence in who he is, his self-worth, and he absolutely loves working there." –Hudson, WI parent of 7th and 3rd grade youth