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Savanna Germain ~ Youth Support Specialist

Savanna joined the OISYS team October of 2017 with a background in youth ministry, outreach ministry, and a Bachelors of Science Degree in Social Science and Ministry.  She has firsthand experience with one-to-one mentoring, working with youth in small groups, helping youth explore their spirituality, and working with various youth outreach programs in residential settings.  Since working with OISYS, Savanna has broadened her understanding of how important it is to meet youth where they are in their journey to best help them succeed.

Through these experiences, Savanna has deepened her passion to reach youth and walk alongside them through their trials and victories.  Her greatest desire is to help EVERY youth realize their individual potential while celebrating what they have to offer to the community.  She believes anything is possible, and the hardest limitations we all face are the ones we place ourselves. 

In her spare time, Savanna enjoys doing anything creative such as crafts, art projects, and painting.  She uses her passion for the arts to challenge youth to expand their creativity and see the world through different lenses.  She also appreciates the outdoors: biking, walking, and exploring nature, and is happiest when she is surrounded by her friends and family.  She especially loves all cats and dogs, and believes approaching life with a positive attitude is everything.   

Savanna's Motto: "No one can make you feel inferior without your consent." -Eleanor Roosevelt