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Tutoring Services 

OISYS' Tutoring works to increase skills within specific academic disciplines, helping to ensure individual academic success.  Typically youth, coming to us for help, are challenged with a specific set of skills (such as math or reading) and/or are protected under Special Education laws.  We collaborate with both parents and educators to ensure we are on track with the classroom curriculum, homework needs/wants, and/or Individual plans (IEP/504).  In addition, the OISYS' professional is working to help the individual youth focus on his or her strengths in order to balance his or her academic challenges. Our services strives to provide specialized attention and practice in order for youth to reach the next level of knowledge. In other words- educating exceptional kids to thrive in a trusted environment. Once this is established, helping everyone (including the youth) incorporate this trust into their everyday world.

The focus of OISYS Tutoring services considers the ASCA model of academic domain primarily, while addressing the domains of personal/social goals second.

Services are provided either at our office located at 901 4th Street, Hudson WI (Suite 280), the OISYS House located at 426 Oak Street, Hudson WI, or at a location within a 15 mile radius of the OISYS establishments.  Have more questions? Call 715.441.4214 to schedule a FREE 30 minute consult with an OISYS professional today.  This will help determine whether OISYS is the best fit to help the individual youth reach the next level of knowledge.  Maybe not a fit? We have a list of referral professionals that might be a better fit within your community.