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Youth Support Specialist Job Description

A Youth Support Specialist has genuine interest in working with youth, families, and the community. The YSS collaborates closely with O-I-See Youth team, direct management, and parents while working with youth in a one-to one setting 4-10 times per month. Youth empowerment is nurtured through support, guidance, and teaching while much of the one-to- one is in a “doing” atmosphere. The goals encompass career, personal, social, emotional, treatment, and academic success.


  • Serves as a representative of O-I-See Youth Strategies to interested individuals,
    professionals, community groups, and future O-I-See Youth training requirements.
  • Work collaboratively with owner, managers, tutors, and fellow Youth Support Specialists in
    a team setting.
  • Develop a personal and positive rapport with individual youth, individual family members,
    and local agents.
  • Connect Youth and family with needed community resources specific to their needs.
  • Ensure meetings are enjoyable and comfortable with proper preparation, materials, snacks,
  • etc.
  • Establish attainable goals for individual youth and families through review writing and
  • Clarify learning style and/or personality type for youth.
  • Plan, coordinate, and maintain monthly youth and family schedules by the 5th, 10th, and 15th
    of every prior month.
  • Collaborate with families while creating proper reports for direct management, notes for
    key team members, and attend assigned meetings.
  • Work confidently with people from diverse backgrounds and age levels.
  • Maintain communication and flexibility for families, team, and business needs.
    Assist in maintenance, organization, and cleanliness for office space and vehicles.


  • Bachelor’s Degree in human services, social work, sociology, psychology, criminal justice,
    education or
    • o Human Services 2 year degree with youth experience comparable to a 4 year bachelor’s
  • At least 1 year of experience working with all ages of youth. Examples: Childcare, tutoring,
    mentoring, youth counselor, and other educational.
  • Knowledge of community, community partnerships, and resources for St Croix County, Wisconsin, and United States.
  • Ability to use logic, problem solving skills, and reasoning to identify the strengths and challenges of alternative solutions, conclusions, or approaches.
  • Knowledge of human development and theory for youth 5-17 years of age.
  • Passion for youth advocacy and success.
  • Well-organized, self-motivated, and able to multi-task.
  • Possess a valid driver’s license, reliable transportation, auto insurance, and a driving record free from major violations for the past five (5) years.
  • Employee must become and maintain First Aid and CPR certification.
  • Must pass a criminal background check.
  • 1 year commitment for youth and family consistency.

$24,960 (hourly 12) – $33,280 (hourly 16) ($29,120 Median – hourly 14)

OISYS’ salary range DOES NOT include the salary that full-time benefits adds to this position. The average salary amount that OISYS benefits adds to salary is $5000 a year. As of June of 2018, Indeed listed the most reported salary, in Wisconsin, was $30,389 for this type of position.

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