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O-I-See Family Strategies

O-I-See Family Strategies, a non-profit organization, assists youth and families with educational needs, support needs, and mental health needs.  The types of services that we have helped families and youth receive are nothing short of parent advocacy support, guidance, various therapies, mentoring, tutoring, and sometimes grants.  OISFS’ funding is meant to be temporary, a simple boost, to help families get to the next healthy level.  Feel free to reach out to the OISFS board, at oiseefs@gmail.com, for more information or how to become more involved in this great cause. 


NEW IN 2020! O-I-See Family Strategies is starting a tradition to give, and do, a little extra each holiday season. We have partnered with 4-A-Purpose and a local Sports Group wanting to give back to others.  11 families were nominated by members of each group, who then gave permission, to receive cleaning supplies and gifts during this unprecedented year.  In addition, 70 meals will be prepared and delivered, to spread a bit more holiday joy throughout St. Croix County.  Although small numbers, the quality of what is being given is immense, and everything has been done in a confidential manner. 


This project could not be done without the generosity of volunteer donations, families wanting to give back to others, and the big hearts of the leaders for each organization.  The mission of this holiday project is to bring hope, joy, and love to each family during a year that has been nothing short of change and hardship.    Thank you to every single person a part of this- people receiving, people giving, and people just being present for each other.  Updates will be added soon for this success, in many heartfelt ways!

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Services are provided 2910 Enloe Street Suite 105 Hudson WI 54016, or at a location within a 15 mile radius of the OISYS establishments.

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